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Pharaoh 90 is an entity from the Tau Nebula star system. He is the mastermind behind the Death Busters.


Pharaoh 90 initially appears as a shadow with two bright eyes when speaking to his subordinates. He can produce shadow hands as well. After merging with Mistress 9 and the Earth, he takes on a more liquid form that spreads around the entire planet. It's in this form where his eyes are more defined with glowing red pupils.


Pharaoh 90 is first heard speaking to his subordinate, Kaolinite, and informs her of a mysterious power that is equal in strength to the Taioron Crystal, the source of all his strength and home dimension. He felt the Taioron Crystal begin to lose more power and needed something stronger for his plans to succeed.

After he felt Sailor Moon draw strength from the Holy Grail to become Super Sailor Moon, he realized she must have something far more powerful than the Taioron Crystal, which his partner had stolen from Chibiusa. He demanded that the Silver Crystal bestow power upon him; that he will be at full strength and that his complete vesselization is close at hand.

He merged with Mistress 9 and drew power from the Tau Nebula, giving him more strength, and enveloped the Earth, planning to make it a second mother planet. Unfortunately for him, Sailor Saturn awakened from Hotaru's body and began unleashing her power against him, draining him of his strength and forcing him from the Earth's surface. As he began to deteriorate, he realized that Sailor Saturn was true "the light that led the world to destruction." Knowing his death was inevitable, he begged to be allowed to die on his homeworld, the Tau Nebula. When Sailor Pluto called upon the Space-Time Door, Pharaoh 90 was sucked in by Sailor Saturn and the Door of Space-Time closed with Pharaoh 90, along with Sailor Saturn, behind it.

Abilities and Powers

He is capable of producing shields of dark energy. He can also produce Daimon eggs. He can grow to a colossal size and tap into the power of the Tau Nebula. Once strong enough, he can spread around the entire Earth, corrupting the planet and turning it into a second homeworld.



  • In the 90s anime, he was shown as a massive planet-like orb of black energy. He did not display the capability of speech, except through growls and groans. Nor did he have eyes.


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