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Phantom Ace was a love interest of Sailor V's in Codename: Sailor V. He was an idol who appeared after an evil plot to steal human energy through a scheme involving making people gain weight. His main attack is Delicious Four-Card Shot.


Tall and slender, Ace has short white hair and gray eyes. He usually wears a white suit and a white mask similar to Sailor V's.


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He was an idol who appeared after DeVleene's evil plot to make girls gain weight. He helped the girls of Tokyo to lose weight and has his own TV show. He was also talented at giving "Love Readings" involving playing cards, predominately the aces of the four suits.

It is later revealed, in the final volume of the series, that Ace is none other than an assumed civilian guise of Danburite, the leader of the Dark Agency, who serves under the Shitennou, reporting back directly to Kunzite.

According to Danburite, back during the Silver Millennium, he was Adonis, a lowly foot-soldier posted to Venus, (even causing the symbol of Venus to appear on his forehead), and was later assigned to fight under Endymion, during the rise of Queen Metalia. While on Earth he saw Princess Venus for the first time and fell in love with her, but his love went unrequited. She discovers his identity during a joint Japanese-Chinese movie called The Chinese Princess Story. Upon his death at the hands of Sailor V, he 'predicted' that her love would be doomed for all eternity, knowing she would always choose duty over love, but at the same time leaving her path open to put her mission before romance without hesitation. It is because of him that Minako learns of the existence of the Dark Kingdom and joins the Sailor Senshi. His death meant the end of the Dark Agency.


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