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A "Phage" (Faji), are enemies that were created by Sailor Galaxia and the Sailor Animamates, appearing only on the 5th season of the anime series. They are Youma-like beings that were created from humans who did not possess true star seeds and were easily corrupted.


Similar to the villains from previous seasons, the Sailor Animamates were given the task on earth to hunt down talented civilians whom they believe are possible hosts of True Star Seeds that shine eternally. Throughout each episode they use a Galactica Bracelet to extract them and corrupt humans into phages should they fail in their task, leaving them behind to fight against the Sailor Guardians.

After a normal human's Star Seed is extracted, it will be shown floating atop of a yellow flower that had formed on their head or at their chests while they kneel or stand unconscious. Once exposed, the light illuminating from the seed will immediately fade and the host's body will morph into a phage as a result of its seed turning dark.

Once healed by Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy and Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss attacks, the Phages will scream "Beautiful!" as they are blinded by a strong light. They will then revert back to their original human state and the flower sitting atop their head will close with the light on their Star Seed restored.

Every Phage created by the Animamates have taken on the title of "Sailor", with corresponding names and appearances determined by the exceptional talent, occupation or abilities that their human hosts are known for.

Similar to the Lemures, they are never directly involved with the evil plan and most of their creation have been associated with an Aninamates' failure to find a True Seed from a human victim. They are then abandoned for the Sailor Guardians to fight, weaken and rescue. In Episode 188, Sailor Aluminum Siren created Sailor Stewardess to help capture Sailor Moon's Star Seed making it the only time that an Animate had created a Phage to help with her evil plan.

The main cause behind their creation appear to be directly linked to the Galactica Bracelets that were used to extract a Star Seed from their host. In the manga, some of the Sailor Animamates attained their Senshi-like state through them as a reward for their loyalty to Galaxia. This would explain why a Phage resemble a Sailor Guardian but unlike the Animamates they lack free-will and upon their creation are hostile towards any civilian within its vicinity.

In Episode 190, Seiya Kou mentioned that when Galaxia invaded her home planet Kinmoku she stole Star Seeds and turned most its people into Phages that destroyed the whole planet. However in later episodes, she is depicted extracting normal star seeds from the people of earth without turning them into phages so it possible that their creation is based on the bracelet wearer's power and desire.

List of Phages

Sailor Iron Mouse

Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow

Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko


  • "Phage" is pronounced "Faji" in Japanese and it comes from the Greek word 'phagein 'meaning "to devour". Their name is derived from "bacteriophage" which is a virus that can replicate and has a hexagonal crystal-shaped head.
  • In the German dub, the Phages did not say anything when they were cured, instead just giving a wordless scream.
  • In the manga, Galaxia knows that the source of true Sailor Crystals (the manga equivalent to Star Seeds) are only from actual Sailor Guardians and her group does not hunt down random humans nor do phages exist. They were likely added to fit the show's Monster of the Week formula, and to utilize Usagi's healing abilities to establish potentially allying with the Starlights.
  • They are the second set of monsters in the anime to be formed directly from a human and later healed by Sailor Moon, the first one was the Youma from the first season.