A, Phage (Faji), appeared in almost every episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. They are monsters-of-the-day appearing only in the anime. After one of the Sailor Animamates unsuccessfully attempted to find a Star Seed that would stay lit, (as an unsuccessful star seed would turn black/dark after a few seconds, and a successful Star Seed would forever shine bright) a Phage would appear, whereas someone who had a successful Star Seed exposed (usually someone who is a Sailor Guardian or from the Moon Kingdom), they would just simply go unconscious until their Star Seed was stolen, in which they would simply die without transforming into a monster, in which their Star Seed would be reincarnated into another being. (Likewise, if a Phage is defeated without being healed, their Star Seed is forever lost. If a Phage is healed, their Star Seed would now become successful and shine forever.)

A Phage, is a very powerful monster that is formed due to someone having their Star Seed exposed when it is not a true Star Seed. Most typically, but not necessarily always, a Phage is formed from a human that had exceptional talent or abilities, as there is a misconception that these are prime contenders for successful Star Seeds, and they were not involved with Shadow Galactica.

A Phage parodies a Sailor Guardian, with the unsuccessful Star Seeds holder's occupation or hobby being related to their name and attacks, and with that, is given the name "Sailor".

If a Phage is not dealt with, they become very powerful and could cause lots of damage. If a Phage is accidentally or purposefully killed without being healed, the victim will become deceased and their Star Seed will forever be lost. If a Phage is healed, they return to their human form, and they now will have a successful Star Seed that will shine forever.

"Phage" is pronounced "Faji" and is a parasitic virus in bacteria. It comes from a Greek word meaning "to eat."

List of Phages

Sailor Iron Mouse

Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow

Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko


  • In the German dub, the Phages did not say anything when they were cured, instead just giving a wordless scream.
  • In the manga, Galaxia knows the source of true Sailor Crystals (manga's equivalent to star seeds) is only from actual Sailor Guardians and her group does not hunt down random humans nor do phages exist. They were likely added to fit the show's Monster of the Week formula, and to utilize Usagi's healing abilities to establish potentially allying with the Starlights.
  • They are the second set of monsters to be formed directly from a human. Similar to season 1 where people were turned into monsters and healed by Sailor Moon.
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