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Japanese: ペッツ
Romanji: 'Pettsu'
Residency: Nemesis

Member of the Black Moon
Eldest of the Spectre Sisters


Koan, Berthier, Calaveras (younger sisters)


Rubeus (commander)
Prince Demande (master/boss)


Black Moon Clan

Gender: Female
Species: Nemesis humanoid
First Appearance
Anime: Act 15 - Infiltration, Sailor Mars
Reboot Voiced By: Wasabi Mizuta (Japanese)
Jessica Gee (English)

Petz is the eldest of the Spectre Sisters who works for Rubeus.


Petz retains her appearance from the manga and original anime.


In Act 17 - Secret, Sailor Jupiter, Petz's first assignment is the spread a deadly disease all over the city of Tokyo in order to find Chibiusa more easily. She manages to get into a fight with Makoto who became infected by her virus and later manages to transform into a much stronger and more powerful Sailor Jupiter. Petz is soon destroyed by the arrival of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus when Usagi destroys her Moon Princess Halation. However Sailor Jupiter is still trapped in Petz's thunder sphere when Rubeus takes her.

Abilities and Attacks

Petz could summon storms and manipulate dark lightning. Powered by a shard of the Black Crystal, she could overpower Sailor Jupiter and trap her.


  • Unlike the classic anime, she is not redeemed along with her other sisters, but dies like her manga counterpart.


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Act15 Foursisters
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Petz's death

Black Moon Clan
Nega Moon Symbol

Leaders WisemanPrince Dimade
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Boule BrothersAquatici and Veneti
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeSaphirBlack Lady

Leaders WisemanPrince Dimande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
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Leaders WisemanPrince Dimande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierCalaverasPetz
Droids Aquatici and VenetiHyuru Hyuru
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Leaders WisemanPrince Dimande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Boule BrothersAquatici and Veneti
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeSaphirBlack Lady

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