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To gather energy from Mr. Kunitachi


Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action

First Appearance

Usagi is Frantic! Rei's First Date


Noriko Uemura (original anime)
Loretta Jafelice (English dub)
Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Viz Media English dub)

Petasos is a plant-like Youma and the second one owned by Nephrite in episode 15.


Her mission was to help him gather the energy belonging to the caretaker of a public park that was scheduled to be demolished in one week to make room for a business district. Upon locating his next victim (Mr. Kunitachi), Nephrite notices how vulnerable he is as an individual and decides to indiscriminately attack him.

As Mr. Kunitachi lamented the loss of the animals and his work (planting and tendering to trees and flowers at the soon-to-be demolished park), Nephrite (who was disguised as Masato Sanjouin) exploited Mr. Kunitachi emotions by suggesting of a way that he can protect the park. Not only did Nephrite use his evil crest to implant his loyal youma essence inside Mr. Kunitachi’s hat, Mr. Kunitachi used the power of the youma Petasos to control the park’s animals and insect’s at will. However, every time he drew upon the youma's power it caused his energy level to rise thereby hastening the man's approach towards his maximum energy potential. After being given this gift, Mr. Kunitachi used it to send a swarm of butterflies to drive away a construction group’s employees and their equipment as they were clearing sections of the park. He again used this gift to drive away a park official that he was seeing.

As he confronted Ami, Usagi, and Luna in the park, Mr. Kunitachi’s energy potential finally peaked giving Petasos the opportunity to emerge from the hat she was hiding in and drained him of his energy. After draining his energy, she controlled the minds of all animals in the park, ordering them to attack any human within the parks vicinity including Ami Mizuno and Usagi Tsukino who transformed into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. She was successful for a while but was countered by Sailor Mercury who used her Sabão Spray attack to weaken the attack. In response, she attempted her Hand Flower attack by turning one of her hands into a giant flower which shot a net and ensnared Sailor Moon, followed by a Petasos Rope attack where tentacular vines originating from Petasos’s hair wrapped themselves around Sailor Mercury and tried to squeeze her to death; though Rei, who was also in the park rescued both Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury by incinerating the vine bonds with her Fire Soul attack after transforming to Sailor Mars. Now with Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars together, Petasos attempted to again attack the trio with her Hand Flower attack (this time using both her hands) but was stunned in the face by Tuxedo Mask who distraction gave Sailor Moon the opportunity to destroy Petasos with her Moon Tiara Action.



Nephrite locating his victim Mr Kunitachi
Petasos appearing out of the hat she was hiding in and draining Mr Kunitachi of all his energy
Petasos ordering the animals in the park to attack any human within the parks vicinity
Petasos attempting her "Petasos Rope" attack
Petasos attempting her "Hand Flower" attack
Death of Petasos

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