Japanese: ペロペロ
Romanji: Peropero

Dead Moon Circus

Species: Lemures
Master: PallaPalla
Death: Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation
First Appearance
Anime Voiced By: Tomoko Naka (Japanese)

PeroPero is a Lemures sent by PallaPalla to fight the Sailor Senshi. She appeared in Episode 31 of Sailor Moon SuperS.


She initially had the appearance of a piece of candy but gained a humanoid form.


When PallaPalla was in the process of extracting several dream mirrors at once, the Sailor Senshi came to stop her, so she sent PeroPero after them. PeroPero could spit out globs of candy to attack. Whenever the globs were attacked, they just grew larger. Eventually, Super Sailor Mercury stopped the globs with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody. PeroPero then stretched into a more humanoid bunny girl form. She then tried to stretch over to the Sailor Senshi and harm them, but was stopped by Tuxedo Mask's rose, which stuck her to the ground, giving Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon enough time to destroy her.



  • Her name comes from the Japanese word "pero" which means licking.
  • PeroPero appeared to have a living face on her midriff that may have served in the purpose of stealing Dream Mirrors, although she was never shown using it.
  • PeroPero cameos in the final SuperS episode as one of the many transformed members of Nehellenia's former court.

Dead Moon Circus
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