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Japanese: ペガサス
Romanji: Pegasasu
Aliases: Helios (true form)
Residency: Elysion

High-priest of Elysion
Guardian of the Golden Crystal
Watcher of beautiful dreams


Chibiusa Tsukino (dearest friend/companion)
Prince Endymion


Moon Kingdom

Gender: Male
Species: Human (originally)
Winged horse
Likes: Chibiusa
Dislikes: Queen Nehellenia
Chibiusa in danger
First Appearance
Anime: Meeting of Fate! The Night Where a Pegasus Flies
Anime Voiced By: Taiki Matsuno (Japanese)
Robert Bockstael (CWi English dub)
Chris Niosi (Viz Media English dub)

Pegasus is one of the main characters of the Sailor Moon SuperS arc.


Pegasus is a white horse with a pair of white wings and has a golden horn which it the Golden Crystal.


Pegasus was originally a young boy named Helios who was the revered high-priest of Elysion, and Guardian of the mystical Golden Crystal of Dreams and whose duty was to keep it from falling into the hands of any evil being. When confronted by the evil and envious Queen Nehellneia, Helios was captured by the evil Queen of the Dark Moon and taken prisoner. He then transferred his spirit to a person's sweet and beautiful dreams and took on the form of a white horse with feathered wings to stay hidden from the Dead Moon until he could locate the one who could unleash the full power of the Golden Crystal.


  • Pegasus is named after a famous winged horse in Greek Mythology.


Flight to the End
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