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Residency: Elysion

Moon Kingdom

Gender: Male
Species: Human (true form)
Likes: Rini/Chibiusa
Prince Endymion
Dislikes: Queen Nehelenia
First Appearance

Pegasus, also known as Helios, is one of the main characters of the Dream arc. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Pegasus has the appearance of a white horse with large white wings and a long, golden horn on his head, which in reality is the Golden Crystal. He has a red, teardrop-shaped jewel on his forehead and his eyes are orange. His true and human form is Helios


He first appears in dream, at the end of the Infinity saga before Usagi and Chibiusa, happy to have found the "little maiden" at last. He then pleads for their help.


  • Although he is called a pegasus, he bears more similarities to an alicorn.


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