Pandora was an agent of the Dark Agency and only appeared in chapter 3 of Codename: Sailor V.


She was an idol who had a 24-hour idol show on Channel 44. Everyone who watched her show would be secretly brainwashed.


Pandora has long dark hair and dark eyes, she has round studded earrings and a crown on her head. She wears a short, wavy dress with a bow on the back and a ruffles top. She also has short white gloves and a microphone headset.

When Chapter 3 of Sailor V was published in the Run-Run magazine, it is shown that Pandora had red hair, purple eyes and her dress was white on the colored page.


Pandora was an idol of the Dark Agency who had a 24-hour idol show on Channel 44, which she used brainwashing waves to make everyone her slaves and take over Japan. Sailor V discovered her evil plans after her mums strange behavior after watching Channel 44. She confronted Pandora and used her compact to reveal Pandora's hideous form. Sailor V used Crescent Beam and defeated her. Pandora's remains left a horrible stench after she was killed, and the people were freed from her programming.


Her name most likely comes from Pandora, a figure in Greek mythology.




Pandora Poster
Pandora poster
Minakos mum being brainwashed by channel 44
Pandoras true form revealed by Minakos Compact
Pandora remains after Sailor V's Crescent Beam

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