Japanese: おたクーラ
Romanji: Otakuura
Residency: A storehouse behind the Hammer Price Shrine



Non-aligned evil

Gender: Female
Species: Genius loci
First Appearance
Manga: Chibiusa's Picture Diary - The Secret Hammer Price Shrine

Otakura is a genius loci who only appeared in a manga side story called "Chibiusa's Picture Diary - The Secret Hammer Price Shrine."


Otakura was a spirit with no exact physical form. When she possesses Hotaru, she appeared as a woman with long black hair in a long dress, adorned with frilled dress straps and peacock feathers on the hip and as a headdress in her hair. She also carried peacock feathers and held them to look like a fan.


In the story, Otakura lived in the storehouse behind the pawnshop. When the land sharks were sick of waiting for the debt to be paid off, they decided to tear down the building. But, when the trucks drove close to the shop, Naruru and Ruruna were standing in the way. Makoto pushed them out of the way. One truck hit the store, but unfortunately, another hit and damaged the storehouse. An evil spirit came out, and possess Hotaru. She introduces herself as Otakura, the genius loci of the warehouse, and she is not happy about being awoken from her slumber.

Usagi and Chibiusa transformed into their Sailor Senshi forms when Naruru and Ruruna show up cosplaying as Sailor Senshi. Otakura becomes annoyed and afflicts on them and Makoto's "divine punishment" for disturbing her. After regaining balance, Eternal Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon destroy her with Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss. She disappeared, and Hotaru returned to normal, with no memory of her possession.



  • Otakura's name is derived from "otaku", referring to "house". But, more likely, refers to "geek" or "nerd", as the pawn shop's frequent customers were otakus.
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