All Oppositio Guardians. From left to right: Sin, Nabu, Nergal, Marduk and Ishtar.

The "Oppositio Guardians" are the antagonists from the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story. Each one serves as a counterpart to one of the Inner Sailor Guardians, whom they also bear a physical resemblance to.


Hailing from 30th century Crystal Tokyo, they are all recruited by Shaman Apsu and given powers equal to their counterparts. Each girl has their own motives for joining, as does Apsu, who is rapidly dying from existing in the Crystal Tokyo era. Each has their own attacks, or are capable of using an attack from a different villain.



  • The term "Oppositio" is a Latin term meaning opposition or oppose.
  • Each of the Oppositio Guardians is named after a god worshiped by one or more cultures of ancient Mesopotamia (located in modern-day Iraq and Turkey):
    • Sin- god of the moon
    • Nabu- god of wisdom and literacy
    • Nergal- associated with the sun, war, and the underworld
    • Marduk- chief god of the Babylonians
    • Ishtar- also known as Innana, goddess of love and beauty
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