Japanese: 御札
Romanji: Ofuda
User(s): Sailor Mars, Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity
Sailor Chibi Moon (Sera Myu only)
Used For: Immobilizing enemies
Attacks: Akuryo Taisan, Fire Soul Bird
First Appearance
Manga: Act 3 - Rei, Sailor Mars
Anime: The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars, the Guardian of Fire
Crystal: Act 3 - Rei, Sailor Mars

The Ofuda, in Japanese culture, are charms, wards, or scriptures that are said to bear good luck, and are usually sold in Shinto shrines or temples.

In the Sailor Moon Series

Ofuda, in the Sailor Moon incarnations, were used by Rei Hino, or when she was Sailor Mars, to freeze her enemies with Akuryo Taisan. The ofuda is also a key part in her attack, Fire Soul Bird. It was used once by Minako Aino/Sailor Venus in a manga side story. The kanji written on the ofuda ("Akuryo Taisan") can be translated as "Evil Spirit, Disperse." In the re-released English translation of the manga, it is translated as "Evil Spirit, be exorcized". Ofudas were first seen in Act 3 of the manga and live-action series, and episode 10 of the anime. Sailor Venus had to use an Ofuda to destroy Ghost Sistern. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the writing is printed in red.



  • The kanji "悪霊退散" (Akuryo Taisan) written on ofuda can be translated as "Evil Spirit Disperse."
  • In the original dub, it was called a charm but in Viz Media English dub its retains its name.
  • In the CWi English dub, it was translated as "Evil Spirits, Begone!" when Sailor Mars threw the ofuda on the Daimon before she weakens it with Burning Mandala.
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