Japanese: ニャン・ニャン
Romanji: Nyan Nyan

Dark Agency

Species: Kitty Humanoid
Death: Sailor V's Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower
First Appearance
Manga: Vol.11 Pet Chapter 1 - Nyan-Nyan's Schemes!

Nyan-Nyan is a character who was an agent of the Dark Agency and only appeared in the Codename: Sailor V manga.

Nomenclature and Etymology

Nyan is the Japanese onomatopoeia of meow.


Nyan-Nyan has short dark hair with a curl on her forehead, she has a cat mouth, cat ears, and a tail. She wears a dark-colored one-piece swimsuit that has fur around the top and bottom and dark heels. She wears a choker with a ribbon at the back and a bell at the front.


Nyan-Nyan's only appearance was in Volume 11 of the Codename: Sailor V Manga. During Minako's school's Athletics Festival, Nyan-Nyan senses a great amount of energy from the students who are participating in the athletic events. She decides that she will take the powerful energy and use it for herself. 

With her powers, Nyan-Nyan changes the objectives on the papers for the scavenger hunt to read "cat." She then changes herself into a cat in order to lead the frantic students towards her. In the process, she also summons many more cats for the students. Then Nyan-Nyan and the other cats knock the students out and steal their energy; however, Minako is saved by Artemis. After transforming, Sailor V confronts Nyan-Nyan. Nyan-Nyan orders the stray cats to attack and kill Sailor V. To stop the cats, Sailor V uses Venus Sulphur Smoke, which causes Nyan-Nyan to become overwhelmed and nauseated by the strong smell. Sailor V knocks her out with Venus Iron Muscle Punch and then purifies the students and destroys her with Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower.




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