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Nergal was a character who appeared in the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story.


She is the Oppositio counterpart of Sailor Mars. She is named after the Babylonian fire god. Nergal is a power-hungry woman who values might above all else and serves Shaman Apsu only to become more powerful.




  • Hell's Flame Bird - Nergal's main attack is where a flame bird attacks the enemies.
  • Dark Fire - The same attack which Nergal shares with Koan.
  • Genkaku - An attack which cast a field of illusion.
  • Kamaitachi - An attack which inflicted a series of swift, slicing attacks against all opponents.
  • Fascination - A charm-based attack that hypnotized opponents, the same attack also Ishtar used.


Nergal was the name of the Babylonian god of the underworld, who was at times associated with the planet Mars.



Nergal's Head Profile
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