Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up
M neptunecrystalpower
Japanese: ネプチューン・クリスタル・パワー・メイク・アップ
Romanji: Nepuchuun Kurisutaru Pawaa Meiku Appu
Transformation Phrase for: Super Sailor Neptune
Items Used: Neptune Crystal
Upgrade: Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up (Eternal)
First Appearance
Manga: Act 45 Dream 7 - Mirror Dream

"Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up" is a transformation phrase used by Michiru Kaiou in the manga and the musicals.



She used it to transform into Super Sailor Neptune, using her Neptune Crystal. After raising her hand in the air and shouting the phrase, she becomes Super Sailor Neptune in an instant.


In Act 49 of the Dream arc, Michiru raised her hand and yelled “Neptune Crystal Power!” to give power to Eternal Sailor Moon and then she transformed into a form similar to Eternal Sailor Moon’s called “Eternal Sailor Neptune” by fans along with the other Sailor Senshi.

In the Stars Arc, Michiru appears in her Eternal Sailor form but was never seen shouting a transformation phrase. However, it is presumed to be “Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up” just like the Inner Senshi.


In Amour Eternal, Michiru used this phrase to transform into Super Sailor Neptune.



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    A similar transformation brought about by Hotaru's power happened in the fifth season of the anime.
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