Natsuna Sakurada
Japanese: 桜田夏菜
Romanji: Sakurada Natsuna
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Superintendent-General of the Metropolitan Police Board


Toshio Wakagi, Minako Aino



Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Vol.4 - The Ambition of Petite Pandora

Natsuna Sakurada is a character who only appears in the Codename: Sailor V Manga. She is the Superintendent-General of the Metropolitan Police Board and a closet Sailor V fan. She went to many lengths to meet Sailor V and wanted her to work side-by-side with her on the police force and she even kept a signed poster of Sailor V that she would look at when no one was in her office.


Natsuna is a fashionable woman who is often seen wearing outfits and accessories from Chanel. One colored illustration of her and the Sailor V cast showed her with long red hair.


Natsuna berates Toshio Wakagi for his constant failures in being outmatched by Sailor V in stopping crimes committed by the Dark Agency and failing to capture Sailor V. However, secretly Natsuna was a serious fan of the Senshi. In Volume 10, Natsuna becomes bored of Sailor V and becomes attached to Phantom Ace. At an idol show, she meets Minako Aino and she accidentally sees Minako transform into Sailor V. She later calls her once a week to recruit her for the police. Despite her dislike for the police, Minako and Natsuna are quite close, and Minako sees Natsuna as an older sister-like figure.



  • It is unknown if she is related in any way to Haruna Sakurada since both share similar appearances and last names. Though it may just be a coincidence, as in two other of Naoko Takeuchi's series, characters also had the family name "Sakurada", as well as names that followed the patterns of the seasons.
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