Naruru Osaka
Japanese: 大阪なるる
Romanji: Osaka Naruru
Aliases: "Sailor Guccicci"

Mayumi Osaka (mother), Naru Osaka (older sister)


Ruruna Kobe, Chibiusa Tsukino, Hotoru Tomoe



Age: 9-10
Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance

Naruru Osaka is a manga-exclusive character who appears in the fourth edition Chibiusa's Picture Diary and is a friend and classmate of Chibiusa's. She is a ditzy, trendy girl who uses slang often (much to Hotaru's distaste).

She collects all things by Guccicci, a fictional brand name. Naruru says that the popular brand started in Florence, Italy in 1906 by Guchiko Gucci. It started as a saddle-making company. The name is often misspelled "Gucci" (like the real brand) by fans, but "Guccicci" is clearly written in Roman letters in the manga.


While in her cosplay, Naruru wears a yellow outfit consisting of a bra, short skirt, sailor collar and heels. She has a bow out of black ribbon which is also on her belt and bra strap. Her hair is ginger and is up in many buns with two prominent strands of hair either side of her head and she has orange eyes. She has red nails and is sometimes seen with bracelets and angel wings. Her cosplay is similar to Ruruna's except for the colour and that Ruruna wears shorts.


She and her friend Ruruna Kobe take Chibiusa and Hotaru to the Hammer Price Shrine, a local pawn shop. Naruru purchases an Eternal Sailor Moon costume, while Ruruna purchases a Sailor Mercury costume. Later, when greedy land developers destroy the pawn shop, the two girls dress as Sailor Guardians and attempt to fight the land developers. They even use an attack which they call "Super White Kick," in which they lunge at their opponents.

Things quickly get out of hand when an ancient spirit, Otakura, emerges from the demolished storehouse. The two are sucked towards the storehouse by a swirling vortex of air, but saved when a net is thrown over them, pulling them to safety. Their rescuer is actually Makoto Hanmatsuura, the owner of the pawn shop, who has dressed in a cape and mask, calling himself "Debutcho Kamen" ("Chubby Mask"). Eventually, the evil spirit is destroyed by Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, and everyone returns to normal. It is revealed in the end of the story that Naruru is actually the younger sister of Naru Osaka.



  • Naruru is often called "Sailor Guccicci," but this name never appears anywhere in the manga; it is a fan-created term.
  • "Kobe" and "Osaka" are also the names of two large Japanese cities in the Kansai region, and "Naruru" is "Ruruna" spelled backwards in hiragana.
  • "Guccici" is a reference to the real-life fashion brand Gucci.
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