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Naru Osaka
(Ōsaka Naru), otherwise known as Molly Baker is Usagi Tsukino's childhood friend and schoolmate. She seems to be attacked quite often by youma (so often, in fact, that she is sometimes called youma bait by fans), and hero-worships Sailor Moon, as Sailor Moon always rescues her.

In the anime, Naru even fell in love with the evil Nephrite who came to regret his evil ways and became good after he too returned her feelings, though he died whilst protecting her.

She doesn't know that Usagi is Sailor Moon and since she isn't a Sailor Soldier, Usagi doesn't spend as much time with Naru as she used to.

Umino Gurio later becomes her boyfriend. By the beginning of the Dark Moon Saga of Sailor Moon R she became a minor character. Her last appearance is in the Ami Special.

In the manga she has a little sister named Naruru whose best friend is Ruruna Kobe, who are featured in a short side story in the StarS manga. Both share a love of shopping, not something shared by their other friend, Chibi-Usa. It is because of their love of shopping that they cosplay as two generic Senshi, often called Sailor Channel and Sailor Guccicci by fans.

In the Japanese anime, Naru Osaka is voiced by Shino Kakinuma, with a strong Osakan accent. It is possible that she has figured out who Sailor Moon is. It's strongly hinted towards the end of the Black Moon Arc. In English, she is named Molly Baker and played by Mary Long, who gives her a strong Brooklyn accent, perhaps to try and give the same sense of the Osakan accent given to the character.

In the Live Action Sailor Moon series, towards the end of the series, Naru finds out that Usagi is Sailor Moon.

In the anime

In the anime, Naru was known as Molly Baker. Her mother was attacked and impersonated by Morga, who attacked Molly and several others, but eventually Morga was destroyed by Sailor Moon. Molly was attacked by more Negaverse monsters. After the death of Jedite, Molly fell in love with Neflite, posing as Maxfield Stanton. He eventually saved her from three of Zoycite's monsters, but was killed by one of them.

The website Lita Lettermoon often suspects that Molly is Queen Beryl (and Melvin is Malachite), however this is likely just a joke, and impossible, as Melvin and Molly appeared in Sailor Moon R, set after the deaths of both Beryl and Malachite.

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