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Naru Osaka
Oosaka Naru
Japanese: 大阪なる
Romanji: Oosaka Naru
Residency: Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo



Mayumi Osaka (mother)
Naruru Osaka (younger sister)


Usagi Tsukino, Gurio Umino



Birthdate: January 1st (Capricorn)
Age: 14-16

155 cm or 5'1"

Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Act 1 - Usagi, Sailor Moon
Anime: Crybaby! Usagi's Transformation
Live-Action: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!
Anime Voiced By: Shino Kakinuma (Japanese)
Mary Long (DiC English dub)
Danielle Judovits (Viz Media English dub)
Live-Action Played By: Chieco Kawabe

Naru Osaka is Usagi Tsukino's childhood friend and schoolmate. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Naru has wavy reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. She often wears a bow in her hair.




In the manga, she is kind, friendly, and outgoing. Naru Osaka appears in Act 1 of the manga. She does not have as large a role in the manga as she does in the anime, and never develops relationships with either Nephrite or Umino. She is Usagi's best friend, and Usagi thinks very highly of her, telling her that she is a princess and that she is smart (she made an 85 on the quiz in Act 1). Her mother owns a jewelry store called OSA-P that is the scene of one of Jadeite's energy-stealing schemes in Act 1. Naru is very trendy and popular. She makes fewer and fewer appearances as the series progresses. Later, in Chibiusa's Picture Diary #4, Volume 17, we learn that Naru has a younger sister in elementary school named Naruru Osaka. Naruru is only Naru's sister in the manga. Naru attended Juuban High School in the last arc, as she is shown in one panel to be eating lunch with Usagi.


Sailor Moon

From the very beginning of the show, Naru had a tendency to be attacked by the Dark Kingdom as well as various Monsters of the Week. She always got caught in the middle of the Dark Kingdom's plans, first in episode one. Shitennou Jadeite's Morga locked Naru's mother away and impersonated her. She infested the jewelry sold at her jewelry store with dark energy to harvest human energy for the Dark Kingdom. Morga eventually revealed herself to Naru and attacked her, but Sailor Moon came in time to rescue her.

While Nephrite was on earth carrying out the plans of the Dark Kingdom, he had many interactions with Naru, to the point where she developed romantic feelings towards him. Nephrite came to regret his evil ways and became good after he too returned her feelings. Naru even went as far as protecting him when Sailor Moon tried to use her Moon Tiara Action to finish him off.

Zoisite didn't approve of this relationship and instead saw the it as a serious betrayal to the Dark Kingdom. He sent monsters to kill Nephrite and though Naru tried her best to help him, Nephrite was eventually killed under Zoisite and he died whilst protecting Naru.

Naru was heartbroken after Nephrite's death, skipping school for over a week. Usagi convinced her to get over it and tried to substitute Umino as Naru's new interest. Though she heavily disapproves at first, Usagi managed to convince them to go out. After seeing Umino's heroic actions while he was impersonating Tuxedo Mask, she started to see him differently and they are seen to be together more often.

Naru at first doesn't know that Usagi is Sailor Moon and, since she is not a Sailor Senshi. During the early parts of season one, Naru appeared quite often and spent much of her time with her best friend Usagi, but soon after the other Sailor Senshi were discovered, Usagi isn't seen spending as much time with Naru as she used to, thus decreasing her screen time. Though Naru still made appearances, Usagi's friendship role with Naru was shifted towards the other Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon R

Gurio Umino later officially becomes her boyfriend. By the beginning of the Black Moon Clan saga of Sailor Moon R she became a minor character. It is possible that she has figured out who Sailor Moon is. It's strongly hinted towards the end of the Black Moon Arc.

During the Cherry Blossom Festival, she, the Sailor Senshi, Ann (in disguise), Ms. Haruna, and Umino have a picnic. This is the first time she is seen hanging out with all the Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon S

In the third season, Umino and Naru begun to have doubts about each other, with each one thinking the other was hiding something and possibly even dating someone else. Their relationship would be fixed after Naru and Umino participate in a couple's contest. Umino kept making embarassing mistakes but after Umino makes a heart-felt speech, the couple win the contest. However, the heart monument was implanted with a Daimon egg earlier, and when they touched it, it changed into a Daimon and attacks them, extracting Umino's Pure Heart, but they are saved by the Senshi.

Sailor Moon SuperS

Naru only appears once in the SuperS season, where she is targeted by Tiger's Eye for her Dream Mirror as bait for Pegasus.


Naru appears in the Sailor Moon Super S special, Ami's First Love, along with Umino.

Live Action

Towards the end of the live action series, Naru finds out that Usagi is Sailor Moon and is injured when Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Sailor Moon. She didn't get along with Mio Kuroki.

In Act Zero, she was a fan of Sailor V and cosplayed as Sailor N.


In episode one of the Second anime, Naru tries to make Usagi feel less sad about the 30% she made on her English test and takes her to OSA-P. Later in the episode, she gets cornered by a female youma and is about to be attacked before Sailor Mooncame and killed her. The next day, she is seen talking about the encounter with her friends. She makes fewer and fewer appearances as the series progresses.


  • Naru had a much more prominent role in the anime than in the manga.


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