Japanese: ナルキッソス
Romanji: Narukissosu
Aliases: Higashi

Dark Agency

Species: Humanoid
Master: Fluorite
Objective: To make every woman his slave and take over Tokyo
Death: Sailor V's Crescent Beam
First Appearance
Manga: Vol.1 The Birth of Sailor V!

Narcissus is an agent for the Dark Agency who posed as a high school student at Shiba Koen Junior High School in Codename: Sailor V.



He went under the name Higashi and became an instantly popular student. Minako even developed a crush on him. It is later revealed that he is trying to make every woman his slave and take over Tokyo. He was Sailor V's first enemy and was defeated by Crescent Beam.

Minako remembers him as her first crush in the Sailor Moon side story, The Lover of Princess Kaguya.


Like most members of the Dark agency, he had the ability to brainwash people- mainly women to take over Tokyo. he normally would just sweet talk and use his eyes to hypnotize his victims.



  • He gave Minako the idea of wearing a red ribbon in her hair.
  • Named after Narcissus in Greek mythology whose name gives rise to the term narcissism (vanity). He was handsome but vain so the vengeful god Nemesis lured him to a pool. He couldn't stop looking at this own reflection and eventually died. Ironically, he is seen as an icon of pederasty (when a grown man is in love with a boy, like Zoisite and Kunzite's relationship in the anime).

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