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The Mysterious Vampire Lemures was a Lemures that appeared in the third and final part of the Sailor Moon SuperS Special. She had long red hair, red eyes, sharp fangs, pale skin, pointed ears and bat-like wings. Her outfit was black, purple and pink and had three yellow roses across the bodice.

Possessing Lilica Hubert, she preyed on Chibiusa and her classmates, but was eventually discovered by Chibiusa and Kyuusuke, at which point she revealed her true form and attacked the two children. After she knocked Kyuusuke aside, the Lemures turned on Chibiusa, but was halted by a rose thrown by Tuxedo Mask before the rest of the Sailor Team arrived. Although she was shown to be quite quick and strong, the Guardian Senshi used Sailor Special Garlic Attack against her, which stunned her enough for Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to destroy her with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Before she was destroyed, however, she warned the Sailor Senshi that there were many more of her kind to come.


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