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Naoki Tatsuta (original anime)

Mr. Magic Pierrot is a Lemures sent by PallaPalla to destroy the Amazon Trio. He is a clown who attacks by throwing spades from a party hat. He appeared in Episode 22 of Sailor Moon SuperS.

Mr. Magic Pierrot looked into Usagi's dream mirror after Hawk's Eye extracted it. Since he didn't find Pegasus, he then attacked the Amazon Trio, throwing spades at them. One of them hit Usagi's dream mirror and destroyed it, knocking her out. He then threw a spade at Fisheye, but Hawk's Eye jumped in front of her and took the hit. Before dying, he shot a fire attack at Mr. Magic Pierrot, who blocked it with his hat. Tiger's Eye and Fisheye attacked him, but he countered their attacks easily, turning Fisheye's knives into butterflies and Tiger's Eye's whip into a snake. Tiger's Eye and Fisheye gave up the power that made them human, destroying the orb, in order to rebuild Usagi's dream mirror. Usagi and Chibiusa transformed into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Super Sailor Chibi Moon summoned Pegasus with Twinkle Yell, and Super Sailor Moon destroyed Mr. Magic Pierrot with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.


  • Mr. Magic Pierrot is the second monster who resembles a clown and is called Pierrot. The first is a Cardian in Sailor Moon R.
  • He is also the second monster of the week to kill a major character, and a reformed villain at that. The first being Housenka, who killed Nephrite in Sailor Moon.
  • He is the only male Lemures who is sent by one of the Amazoness Quartet besides JunJun.

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