Moony Moony Love-Me Moon Chain
Hissatsu Rabumī Mūn Chēn
Hissatsu chain

Sailor Venus


Energy-Chain-based attack

Items Used

Sailor Venus's Chain

First Appearance

The Pure Heart Stolen! Usagi's Biggest Crisis

Moon Love-Me Moon Chain is an attack used in episode 102 of the anime while Minako was disguised as Sailor Moon. In essence, it was Venus Love-Me Chain with an altered command.


  • "Hissatsu", in Japanese, means "definite kill". In English, the attack's name would be translated as "Definite Kill Love-Me Moon Chain."
  • This attack, Sabão Spray, Akuryo Taisan, and Sabão Spray Freezing are the only attacks in the Japanese dub not completely said in English.
  • The attack was never named in the Cloverway English dub.
  • This is the only attack in the original anime that was used while a Senshi was in disguise.
  • This attack has the similar animation of the Arcade game of Venus Love Me Chain.


Hissatsu Love Me Moon Chain

Hissatsu Love Me Moon Chain

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