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"Moon Twilight Flash" is a moonlight-based attack used by Sailor Moon in the manga, video games, and PGSM.

To perform this attack, Sailor Moon uses the red gem on her tiara to reflect the natural white moonlight at the enemy. In the live-action series, Sailor Moon uses the Moonlight stick to do the attack.


This attack was first used in Act 4 when Sailor Moon received a new tiara (in place of the one which had burned up while attacking Jadeite) and used its powers to destroy Nephrite's shadow.

Video Games

Sailor Moon also used this attack in the video games. The attack was performed the same way it was in the PGSM

Live Action

This was Sailor Moon's third attack, which appears in Act 02. Sailor Moon's brooch begins to glow, and her Moonlight Stick appears. She shouts, "Moon Twilight Flash!" and splits into three colors. These three colors spin around, eventually forming back into one. Energy blasts forth from her wand and targets the opponent.


Moon Twilight Flash - PGSM version


In Episode 4, Sailor Moon reflects moonlight at Nephrite's shadow and destroys it using the red gem of her new tiara. This attack is unnamed in the Japanese and Latin Spanish dubs, but in the Viz Media English dub, Sailor Moon calls out Moon Twilight Flash.


Moon Twilight Flash - Crystal version (Unnamed) Act 4