Moon Tiara Flash
ムーン ティアラ フラッシュ
Japanese: ムーン ティアラ フラッシュ
Romanji: Muun Tiara Furasshu
Type: Tiara-based (assumed)
Items Used: Tiara (assumed)
User(s): Sailor Moon
First Appearance
Sera Myu: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista

"Moon Tiara Flash" is a tiara-based attack performed by Sailor Moon in the Sera Myu musical, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista.


  • It is assumed that her tiara was supposed to be used, but the people in charge of the musical possibly did not want something to be thrown with the possibilities of either losing it, breaking it or hurting someone.
  • Moon Twilight Flash, a similar attack to Moon Tiara Flash, appeared in the Sailor Moon manga, live-action series and Sailor Moon Crystal.
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