Moon Power of Love: The Nightmare Ends
SMSS 172 (infobox)
愛のムーンパワー! 悪夢の終わる時
Ai no Muun Pawaa! Akumu no Owaru Toki
Airing Information
Episode: EP 172, Season 5
Air Date (JP): May 4, 1996
Written by: Ryota Yamaguchi
Directed by: Junichi Satou
North American Dub
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"Moon Power of Love: The Nightmare Ends" is the sixth episode of season five of Sailor Moon, and the 172nd of the overall Sailor Moon series. This episode concludes the season's first part, the Nehellenia arc. It first aired in Japan on May 4, 1996.


An injured and weary Usagi finally reaches Nehellenia's castle. Once there she realizes that all of her best and closest friends have been defeated by the Queen, however she is told more of Nehellenia's past and decides that the Queen deserves a second opportunity to fulfill her own lovely dreams as a child again.


Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Saturn face Nehellenia. Sailor Saturn attempts to use her mightily powerful Silence Glaive and unleash its deadly destructive powers to end all of this, but Chibi Moon stops her. Usagi finally arrives in time to see Chibi Moon disappear as the curse progresses. When the nine Super Sailor Guardians' energy and power helps Usagi transform directly into Eternal Sailor Moon, Nehelenia reveals that she experienced a lonely childhood, but that the mirror kept her company. After Nehellenia physically assaults her, Usagi's pity breaks the curse over Mamoru.

Chibi Moon returns, all of the other Super Sailor Guardians are freed, and Eternal Sailor Moon's vast power returns Nehellenia to her childhood to give her a second chance of redemption.

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Changes From the Manga

  • Nehellenia is never redeemed, due to being an incarnation of Chaos.
  • The final battle with Nehelenia took place on Elysion.
  • Nehellenia's mirror was originally Queen Serenity's. Nehellenia appeared in the Queen's room when Princess Serenity was born, and threatened them both. Then the Moon Queen sealed her inside it using the combined energies of the Silver Crystal and the Moon Stick.
  • Chibiusa ceased to temporarily exist when Tuxedo Mask was killed by Galaxia when she tossed him into the Galaxy Cauldron

First Appearances


  • Super Sailor Saturn did not appear again until twenty-four episodes later; Episode 196.  
  • All the Sailor Guardians except Super Sailor Saturn trapped in mirrors have different body positions than those they had they were originally caught. 
  • This is the only episode in that Silence Glaive Surprise is used (although it isn't fully executed).
  • This is the last episode that shows the ten Sailor Guardians together.
  • Queen Nehellenia makes her final appearance in the anime in this episode.
  • Usagi is shown to be wounded in her confrontation with Queen Nehelenia as her uniform are in tatters and is barefoot (her socks and shoes are destroyed due to walking in thorns).
  • The Crisis Moon Compact is officially evolved and magnified into the Eternal Moon Article, which makes this episode the last one that shows the Dream compact. 
  • Prince Endymion reappears in the anime when Mamoru quickly transforms into him to save Chibiusa from Nehelenia's attack.
  • This is the last episode in which Chibiusa Tsukino / Super Sailor Chibi Moon and her cat, Diana, appear.


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