Moon Healing Escalation
Muun Hiringu Esukareeshon

Moon Healing escaltion original

Healin escalation




Sailor Moon


Healing attack

Items Used

Moon Stick (anime, manga, Crystal and musicals)
Moonlight Stick (Live Action)
Spiral Heart Moon Rod (musicals only)


Moon Princess Halation

First Appearance

Act 7 Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask (manga)
Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love (anime)
Act 1 - I'm Sailor Moon! (Live Action)
Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask... (Crystal)

Moon Healing Escalation is a command that Sailor Moon uses to heal people who had turned into a Youma or to heal those who have been affected by the enemy's power. This attack/command is used in all versions of Sailor Moon

In order to perform this command, Sailor Moon creates a large spiral of light around her by spinning her Moon Stick, and then unleashes the attack towards the infected enemies.


In the manga, Moon Healing Escalation was what Sailor Moon called out when she was healing people after an attack from the Dark Kingdom.

She also used it to heal the entire city of Tokyo after the Dark Kingdom attacks different times.


In the anime, Sailor Moon held up her Moon Stick and, as it emanated a trail of glitter and mist, moved it in a wide, circular motion and drew the outline of a circle around her body. The Youma then yelled "Refresh!" as it turned back into a human and collapses while the Youma side of their host is destroyed. Once the Silver Crystal was revealed and attached to the Moon Stick, rays of light and balls of white energy emitted from it after the circle was formed.

This attack was also used by Queen Serenity in episode 44 to cleanse the Dark Kingdom after Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion were killed.


In "Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask," Sailor Moon confronts Zoisite and Queen Beryl and asks for power while Tuxedo Mask calls out to her to attack. 

It hits Zoisite, causing Queen Beryl to retreat back to the Dark Kingdom with him. Sailor Moon then proceeds to fly over the city and heal those that had been effects by the dark power and had had their energy drained.

Live Action

In the live-action series, as the crescent on the Moonlight Stick began to glow, Sailor Moon held it up and called out the command. She swept the Stick in a circular motion from above her head in front to behind her back, then lifted her left leg and took hold of it behind her head. She pirouetted several times on her other foot, then dropped to both feet again and swept the Stick in a circle in front of herself as it emitted a trail of golden sparkles.


In the musical The New Legend of Kaguya IslandSailor Moon performed this attack with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, together with the silver medicine given to her by Mikku and Fukku, in order to heal the Sailor Guardians of their illness.

Video Games

Moon Healing Escalation appears in the following video games:

  • Sailor Moon for the Mega Drive by Sailor Moon. It requires energy expenditure even when not succeeding on hitting the enemy.
  • Sailor Moon: Another Story: It's one of three available techniques to Sailor Moon. Like in the anime version, Sailor Moon moved the Moon Stick around her drawing the outline of a circle. It heals half of any partner's maximum hp. It consumes 2 EP.


  • In the Crystal series, it is used against Zoisite and Queen Beryl as an offensive move, rather than a healing move.
  • The animation sequence had two different versions of background music, depending on whether or not the Silver Crystal was attached to the Moon Stick. When the Crystal was present, the background music was the same as in the Moon Crystal Power animation.
  • Queen Serenity used this attack in a flashback in the anime in episode 44 when the Dark Kingdon invaded the Moon Kingdom.
  • This attack was split into two, or perhaps even three, separate attacks in the DiC dub. When used to heal, Sailor Moon would call out "Moon Healing Activation," but when used offensively she yelled out "Cosmic Moon Power." In addition, at the end of "Day of Destiny," when the Sailor Scouts combined their powers, the word "Unite" was added to the end of the latter phrase.
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