Moon Frisbee
Mūn Furisubī
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Sailor Moon


Boomerang attack

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First Appearance

Act 1 - Usagi, Sailor Moon

Moon Frisbee was Sailor Moon's first attack in the manga. It was very similar to her first anime attack Moon Tiara Action.

Sailor Moon would remove her tiara, whereupon it became a frisbee-like disc that she would throw at an enemy. Unlike the anime version of the attack, in the manga the disc did not glow when it was thrown. In the "New Cover" reprints of 2003-2004, the attack was renamed Moon Tiara Boomerang to match its name in the live-action series; as the Kodansha manga used the reprint as its basis it also used this name.

In the manga, Sailor Moon removes the tiara as if by magic and morphs it into a round frisbee shape and throws it at her opponent while yelling "Moon Tiara Frisbee!". It's interesting to note that in the manga's frisbee form, the gem on the tiara becomes more sharp, like a diamond and sits on top of the tiara.

In the rerelease manga, the attack was renamed "Moon Tiara Boomerang" to match the live-action version of the attack where the tiara actually transformed into a boomerang.

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