Moon Eternal, Make Up
Eternal Sailor Moon Transformation Pose
Japanese: ムーン・エターナル・メイク・アップ
Romanji: Muun Etaanaru Meiku Appu
Transformation Phrase for: Eternal Sailor Moon
Items Used: Eternal Moon Article
First Appearance
Anime: Saturn Awakens: The Ten Sailor Guardians Unite

"Moon Eternal, Make Up" is the final transformation phrase of Usagi Tsukino in order to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon with her Eternal Moon Article in the 5th season of the anime. Two versions of this transformation exist: a short version and a long version. The short one used was used during the Queen Nehellenia arc as Super Sailor Moon transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon, and the long one was used during the main storyline, in which Usagi transformed directly into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sequence Details

In the original sequence, the planetary symbols of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn flew into the Crisis Moon Compact, and in a flash of light, it became the Eternal Moon Article. Its lid then opened, revealing the crystal inside; Super Sailor Moon brushed her hand past the crystal and it emitted bright pink light. Feathers swirled through the air, obscuring her from view for a moment until she reappeared, with large angelic wings and a crescent moon symbol glowing gold on her forehead, holding the glowing Article suspended between her hands. She lifted her hands and the Article affixed itself to her chest, then she spread her wings wide and twirled. In another swirl of feathers, Eternal Sailor Moon appeared and assumed her finishing pose.

In the second, more elaborate sequence, the Eternal Moon Article appeared and its lid opened, revealing the crystal inside; Usagi brushed her hand past the crystal and it emitted a bright pink light. Feathers swirled through the air as golden light coalesced to form the crescent moon on her forehead and wings appeared on her back. She spread her arms as her new wings and her leotard appeared, then more feathers collected to form her gloves. She turned around and, in another swirl of feathers, the rest of her sailor uniform materialized. Eternal Sailor Moon spun once more and her wings became smaller, and she assumed her finishing pose.


  • In the re-released manga, both Japanese and English releases, Usagi calls out "Moon Eternal, Make Up" But in Act 50, but the rest of the time, she calls out "Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!"
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