Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up
Muun Kozumikku Pawaa Meiku Appu


Cosmic power


Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Moon

Items used

Cosmic Heart Compact


Crisis, Make Up

First Appearance

Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (manga)
The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation (anime)
Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (Part 1) (Crystal)

Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up was the third command that Usagi Tsukino used to transform into Sailor Moon. It debuted in episode 91 of the anime and Act 27 of the manga.


The first shot of this transformation shows the Cosmic Heart Compact. Usagi waves her hand over it, making it reveal a pink heart-shaped crystal. It emits a pink light. After the pink light fades, Usagi is standing in the middle of a light blue heart. She spins to opposite way it is going. Pink ribbons wrap around her body, giving her her leotard. Then, she stretches out her arms and pink ribbon wraps around her arms to form her gloves. She then raises her right foot and pink ribbon wraps around her foot to form her boots. Then, the light blue heart around Usagi forms her skirt. Her tiara appears. The ending shot shows Sailor Moon standing in front of a pink heart, with a new pose similar to Sailor Mars's pose.


A full moon appears. The Cosmic Heart Compact appears and it opened revealing a heart-shaped pink crystal. Usagi puts her hand and her nails turn light pink. The brooch appears on her chest sparkling a heart and Usagi's body turns a green against a purple background. Ribbons wrap around Usagi's body, forming her leotard and choker. The bow on her leotard appears as well. After the bow forms, ribbons wrap around Usagi's hands and feet to form her gloves, then her skirt appears, and boots. Her earrings then appear on her ears, a crescent moon then appears on her forehead, her odango covers and barettes appear. After the tiara is formed, Sailor Moon turn around and then poses, finishing the transformation sequence with red roses against a crescent moon.


  • In episode 91 (the first episode to use this transformation sequence), the background where Usagi opened the brooch and the ending pose background were slightly different from all later transformation sequences using this phrase.
  • There were two notable changes to her accessories in this form; the charm on her choker is now a gold heart and her tiara gem was replaced with a crescent moon.
  • This was Sailor Moon's last transformation into her original sailor uniform.
  • In the Korean dub, this transformation was altered to include footage from Moon Prism Power, Make Up, the Sailor Moon R movie, the opening sequence from Sailor Moon R and/or Moon Crystal Power, Make Up, depending on the episode.


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