The Moon Castle in the original anime.

The Moon Castle was the home of the royal family during the Silver Millennium on the Moon. Inhabitants include Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity, as well as many other subjects. The Inner Senshi and the feline advisors, Luna and Artemis, also resided in this palace. It was guarded, along with the rest of the Solar system, from outside invaders by Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto, though those Senshi were not known by the vast majority of those of the Inner Kingdoms, including that of the Moon

Well-known features of the palace include forbidden passages that led to the Space-Time Door, the Chamber of Prayer which housed the Crystal Tower at the centre of the Castle, and the Holy Blade. The castle also had a highly advanced computer system.

The Moon Castle was destroyed and left in ruins after the attack of the Dark Kingdom. However, in the manga and Crystal, it was restored to its former glory by Sailor Moon's power after her final battle with Metalia.

In the live-action series, the Moon Castle was protected by a translucent dome of matter or energy surrounding it, that produced an artificial climate, signifying the advanced technology that existed during that period. In the Special Act, Queen Serenity sent the Legendary Sword from the palace down to Earth.


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