Momoiro Clover Z
Momoiro Kurōbā Z

Kanako Momota
Shiori Tamai
Ayaka Sasaki
Momoka Ariyasu
Reni Takagi

Years active

2008 - present


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Momoiro Clover Z, or Pink Clover Z, is a Japanese idol group, currently consisting of five girls: Kanako Momota, Shiori Tamai, Ayaka Sasaki, Momoka Ariyasu, and Reni Takagi.

The group was announced that it was going to provide the singing for the opening and closing theme songs for the the new anime, and as announced June 2014, those songs are MOON PRIDE and Moon Rainbow. They also made a brief appearance, in the Sera Myu musical La Reconquista, as the group, and the Sailor Senshi played a fortune-telling game together.

They have performed a cover of Moonlight Legend that will be included on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE, along with their cover of Tuxedo Mirage.


  • Each curent member has a theme color:
    • Kanako - Red
    • Shiori - Yellow
    • Ayaka - Pink
    • Momoka - Green
    • Reni - Purple
  • When the group wore the clothes of the Sailor Senshi during a concert, the girls portrayed the following senshi:
    • Kanako as Sailor Moon
    • Shiori as Sailor Venus
    • Ayaka as Sailor Mars
    • Momoka as Sailor Jupiter
    • Reni as Sailor Mercury
  • In 2014, Keiko Kitagawa, the actress of Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series, "joins" the group briefly as a member for Keiko's 2012 drama called Akumu-chan, as a special part on launching the movie adaption for the series, and she also has to sing along, and dance with the group. Also, Keiko is represented with black as her theme color, and said that it reminded her of the time when she was filming Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. [1]


Momoiro Clover Z dressed up as Sailor Senshi
Momoiro Clover Z posing with Naoko Takeuchi
Keiko Kitagawa, along with the Momoiro Clover Z
Moonpride mczver RGB 500 s
Momoiro Clover Z on the cover of the Moon Pride CD.


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