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Mistress 9 is the "Messiah of Silence" from Tau Nebula. This is the first live-action depiction of the original manga chharacter.



Mistress 9 had jet black hair and wore a shiny, blue maxi dress with black mesh sleeves.


Mistress 9 appeared in the musical Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth and its revision, and was played by Tomoko Inami and Chinatsu Akiyama.

Mugen Academy -  Mistress Labyrinth



  • Both actresses to portray Mistress 9 were "promoted" to Sailor soldier roles after one full run as Mistress 9.
    • Tomoko Inami went on to play Sailor Neptune starting with 2003's Mugen Gakuen ~ Mistress Labyrinth -Kaiteiban-, following Asami Yuuka's departure from the role. Tomoko remained in the role of Sailor Neptune through 2003's Starlights * Ryuusei Densetsu and the Second Stage Final Kakyuu-ouhi Kourin in 2004.
    • Chinatsu Akiyama went on to play Sailor Star Fighter in both Starlights * Ryuusei Densetsu in 2003 and Kakyuu-ouhi Kourin in 2004.


Inami as Mistress 9
Tomoko Inami as Mistress 9.
Akiyama Chiatsu as Mistress 9.
M9 sera 1
M9 sera 2
M9 sera 3

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