Miss Dream is a character who appears in the Sailor Moon musicals.



As her name suggests, Miss Dream has power over dreams and nightmares, and uses her powers to search for Pegasus at Zirconia's demand., who kept her prisoner and forced her to use her powers for the Dead Moon's benefit and was looked down upon and harassed by the other circus performers. After the Outer Sailor Guardians stop her from invading Chibiusa's dreams, they think that she might be the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn, the Guardian of Silence, and are determined to kill her to prevent Sailor Saturn's spirit from awakening within her. Usagi feels sorry for the teenage girl and is determined to save her.

Using Pegasus' power, Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask enter Miss Dream's heart to see who she truly is, and are followed shortly afterward by the Sailor Senshi. This turns out to be a trap by the Dead Moon, however, as the group finds themselves under attack by Zirconia, Queen Nehellenia, and Miss Dream herself. After Tuxedo Mask gives his life to save the girl, Miss Dream begins to awaken, but what happens after that point varies in the two musicals in which she appears.

The original musical only shows Miss Dream as a normal girl at the end, leaving it ambiguous as to whether she truly awakened as Sailor Saturn. In the revised edition, however, she transforms into Sailor Saturn and used her supreme destructive and deadly powers to aid the Sailor Guardians.



  • In the cast list of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS ~ Dream Guardians- Love - Into Eternity..., the character was referred to as simply "Nazo no Shoujo" (謎の少女; Mysterious Girl), but she called herself "Miss Dream" in the musical itself.
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