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Mirror Paredri were the monsters-of-the day and minions of Queen Nehellenia after she reappeared in the Stars season of the anime.


They were formed from shards of Queen Nehellenia's shattered Dream Mirror, and looked similar to her. All of the Mirror Paredri looked and acted exactly alike, and did not speak, they only laughed.


The Mirror Paredri share a similar appearance to Queen Nehellenia with their long hair and face. Their hair is a dark blue and their skin is entirely a lighter blue. They're made out of shards from Queen Nehellenia's mirror so they have a shine to them and they wear no clothes.

Powers and abilities

Mirror Paredri are capable of growing long claws, most notably when one grows these claws to attack a baby Hotaru.

If a Mirror Paredri was shattered by an attack, the fragments would grow and re-form into more of the creatures. Because of this, they had to be hit with a strong enough attack to completely disintegrate them for them to be destroyed.



  • The word "Paredri" comes from a Greek word meaning "familiar spirits" (Πάρεδροι). In Aristotle's Constitution of the Athenians, assessors were referred to as "paredri."
  • "Paredri" has also been romanized as "Palais Dolly", "Palace Doll" and "Paredory" by fans.

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