Template:CharaboxAino Minako (愛野 美奈子, Aino Minako; known simply as Mina Aino in the english adaptations) better known as Sailor Venus is one of the original five sailor soldiers & the leader of the Inner Sailor Soldiers and was in fact the first sailor soldier created by Naoko Takeuchi. She is extremely cheerful and more or less Usagi's best friend. She has a white cat named Artemis who is her guardian cat from the moon.

Her name means 'Beautiful Little Child of Love', and her attacks are based around love, with the exception of Venus Crescent Beam.

In the manga

Minako starred in her own manga series before Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. This manga series was called Codename: Sailor V and detailed her adventures as Sailor V.

When Sailor V appeared to the soldiers, she announced herself as their princess. It is revealed later that she is, in fact, not the moon princess but the leader of her guardians. She said she was the moon princess to act as a decoy and protect Usagi.

In the anime

Originally, Sailor Venus was Sailor V in England. She fought crime there with Artemis. She had two friends, Alan and Katarina. Minako fell in love with Alan, but Alan and Katarina fell in love and she le
ft England for Japan again. She soon found the sailor soldiers, and saved them from Zoisite. She soon after assumed the title of Sailor Venus.

Minako is almost as ditzy as Usagi but knows when to stop. She comes to term as the Leader of the Sailors. Her dream is to be an idol.



Sailor V

In this form, Sailor V can perform "Crescent Beam." She wears an outfit similar to the sailor suit, with a blue collar, red cap sleeves with blue cuffs, sholder guards, gloves with orange elbow pads, a red bow, chest armor, an exposed midriff, a blue skirt with a red line along the bottom and blue high heels. She also wears a red and white mask which looks like a flamboyant pair of red glasses. She has a crescent moon on her forehead (similar to Princess Serenity's) and a white choker with a crescent moon.

Sailor Venus

In this form, Sailor Venus can perform many attacks including "Venus Love-Me Chain", among others. Her sailor suit has a orange collar, orange skirt, blue front bow, yellow back bow, orange high heels,an orange choker, and an orange-stoned tiara. In the manga, there is a chain around her waist which she uses to perform her attacks.

Super Sailor Venus

In this form, Sailor Venus can use the attack "Venus Love and Beauty Shock". There are no very apparent changes to her uniform, but her yellow back bow grows longer, and her brooch turns into a heart-shape. Her choker gains a star jewel on it another variant were added on wikipedia:Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars.

Sailor Star Venus (manga-only)

In this form, Sailor Venus gains round yellow sleeves with two orange bands holding them together. Her belt becomes two strips of ribbon, one yellow, one orange, held together by a star jewel, like the one on her choker.Her skirt now has two tiers, the top orange, the bottom yellow. The back ribbons become huge at the bow with two skinny ribbons hanging down. Her boots are tall and white, in the style of Sailor Moon's and Mercury's, only the point is down and orange. The point is held by a star jewel. Her brooch also changes from a heart-shaped jewel to a star-shaped jewel. She loses her tiara, and on her forehead is the symbol for Venus.

Princess Venus

In the past during the Silver Millennium, she was Princess Venus, ruler of the planet Venus. As Sailor Venus, she is the leader of the Sailor Soldiers, guardians of Princess Serenity, and soldier of Love and Beauty.


  • Crescent Power: Using the Crescent Moon Broach, she transforms into heroine, Sailor V.
  • Venus Power, Make Up!: Using her transformation pen, Minako transformed into the 1st form of Sailor Venus. Used from Sailor Moon Classic through to the Sailor Moon R Pt.2.
  • Venus Star Power, Make Up!: Using her 2nd Star Transformation Power Stick to transform into the 2nd form of Sailor Venus, with stronger powers. Used from Sailor Moon R Pt. 2 to the middle of Sailor Moon SuperS.
  • Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!: Using her 3rd Crystal and Rod given to her by Pegasus she transforms into Super Sailor Venus the 3rd and final form of Venus in the anime.
  • Venus Eternal Power, Make Up!: Her very last transformation that was only shown in the manga, no one knows why it wasn't in the anime.


  • Crescent Beam: Creating a powerful light beam.
  • Crescent Beam Shower: A more powerful form of her crescent beam, she blasts multipile beams.
  • Venus Love-Me Chain : Creating a heart shaped chain that can harness, attack, and be used as a whip. ( called Love-Chain Encircle in English Anime)
  • Venus Love & Beauty Shock: Creating a multiple heart shaped lights that combine into one powerful attack.
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