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Template:InfoboxCharacterMinako Aino is the present-day incarnation of Sailor Venus and the civilian identity of Sailor V. This is the original depiction of the manga character created by Naoko Takeuchi.



Minako Aino has blue eyes and blonde hair, preferring to wear her hair down with a simple red bow in it. When she was in junior high, she wore a sailor-style school uniform like the other members of the senshi did in their civilian forms but with a few differences. Also, the uniform was the most classic or orthodox among those of the Sailor Team. Such style reflected the Japanese militarized schooling system of the past, which could be traced back to the Meiji (明治) Period. However, it actually originated in Europe, where it was also worn by school boys and was not exclusively for girls as in Japan.

Codename: Sailor V Biography

Minako starred in her own series before Sailor Moon. This manga series was called Codename: Sailor V and detailed her adventures as Sailor V. Minako is introduced as lazy and unwilling to study—but also athletic and an avid gamer. She spent a lot of time at the Game Corner. She tends to misquote things on a regular basis, but still seems to have an ability to recall obscure facts when denouncing the enemy. She would become regularly distracted from her duties by romance, and fell in love with a different boy every chapter. Ultimately, she would fall for a man named "Phantom Ace" (Ace Kaitou) a costumed TV hero.

While in China, filming the Phantom Ace movie as his co-star, it was revealed that he was "Danburite" servant of the Dark Kingdom and her enemy all along—and also the reincarnation of a soldier who admired her in her previous life. This encounter unlocks her past life memories.

In the end, she seems to resign herself to choosing duty over love, and decides to search for the other Senshi, whoever and wherever they are. She joins the Police Force in order to pay for her quest.

Sailor Moon Biography

Dark Kingdom arc

Sailor V is featured throughout the beginning of the Sailor Moon manga as a hero to Usagi Tsukino. Later on it is discovered that Minako, Artemis and Luna used the Sailor V games to train Usagi for the battles to come. When Sailor Venus appeared to the soldiers, she announced herself as their Princess. It is revealed later that she is not the moon princess, but disguised herself as so to protect the Inner Senshi. As Sailor Venus, she is the leader of the Inner Senshi.

Black Moon arc

Infinty arc

Dream arc

Stars arc


In the transition between the Sailor V and Sailor Moon series, Minako's basic character design did not change. In fact, Naoko Takeuchi had written that the concept of Minako has barely changed at all from the first moment she was created. Run-Run, the magazine that serialized Sailor V, had intended to produce an OVA based on the character, but it went bankrupt before it could happen, so Minako was relegated to the sidelines as one of Sailor Moon's costars, to Takeuchi's regret.

Minako's birthday is October 22nd, which means she is a Libra. Libra's domcile is the planet Venus.


Minako was the only Senshi of this Solar System whose civilian family name did not begin with the Japanese kanji character(s) directly denoting the corresponding celestial object. However, her family name begins with the character meaning "love" (愛), which still indirectly represented the planet of Venus, as Venus was the goddess of love in Roman mythology. Her first name, Minako (美奈子), contains the kanji for "beautiful" (美, mi) and "child" (子, ko), along with 奈 (na), a phonetic character. "Minako" can alternatively be read as Venus (Biinasu). Also, her surname is a pun on a phrase meaning "of love," making her name sound like "Venus of Love" and can translate to "Beautiful Child of Love."


  • Takeuchi has said that the reason Venus looks so much like Sailor Moon was in fact because it was her duty to take Serenity's place to keep her from danger.
  • She loves and is very good at volleyball.



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