Minako Aino
Aino Minako
Japanese: 愛野美奈子
Romanji: Aino Minako
Aliases: Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Venus, Princess Venus
Residency: Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Student, Sailor Senshi


Solar System Sailor Senshi, Artemis


Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Age: 14-16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ An Alternate Legend - Dark Kingdom Revival Story
Live Action Played By: Nana Suzuki

She was also supposed to be played by Sakae Yamashita, but was unable to perform due to unknown reasons.
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Minako Aino is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Venus.




Minako retains her appearance from the manga and anime with her long blonde hair and signature red bow. 


Sailor Venus' appearance is similar to her manga and anime appearances.

In older musicals, her shoulder pads were orange (sometimes purple or dark blue) and her glove rims were purple or dark blue. All senshi in older musicals had their own colour as shoulder pads and their bow colour as glove rings.

Sailor Venus, like all Sera Myu senshi has gold trimmings on her bows, shoulder pads, gloves, skirt, belt, fuku and collar.


In the musicals, Minako's character was not explored in as much depth as in the other versions, but her personality generally matched that of her anime counterpart: overly loud at times, a little obsessive, and slightly perverted. She was always true to her mission as a Senshi, however, and would do what was necessary to protect her friends.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista

Minako, along with the other members of the Sailor Team, arrive at the game show to play a couple of games. While there, Minako finds a romance app called I Am Your Cupid. She and the Sailor Team get their get their phones out and play the app. After playing it for about a minute or so, the team gets bored of it.

Senshi Info


  • Venus Power, Make Up
  • Venus Star Power, Make Up


  • Venus Love-Me Chain


  • In the first two or three musicals, Sailor Venus's bows were purple instead of navy blue and yellow.
    • Also, when Nao started playing her, the borders of her gloves changed from navy blue to orange.


Minako Aino

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