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Minako Aino is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Venus. This is the first live action depiction of the original manga character, as well as the first depiction of the character in a musical production.


In the musicals, even though Minako's character was not deeply explored, her personality matched her anime counterpartner's personality. She was overly loud at times, a little bit obsessive, and slightly perverted, but she was generally serious at times, true to her mission as a Sailor Senshi, and would do whatever she could to protect her friends.


Minako retains her appearance from the manga and anime with her long blonde hair and signature red bow. However she has brown eyes instead of her original blue. 


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista

Minako, along with the other members of the Sailor Team, arrive at the game show to play a couple of games. While there, Minako finds a romance app called I Am Your Cupid. She and the Sailor Team get their get their phones out and play the app. After playing it for about a minute or so, the team gets bored of it.



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