Japanese: ミメット
Romanji: Mimetto
Aliases: Mimi Hanyu
(羽生美々 Hanyuu Mimi)
Mimet (CWi English dub)
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Member of the Witches 5


Professor Tomoe, Kaolinite


Death Busters
Heart Snatchers (CWi English Dub)

Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid
Likes: Men, manga, pranking Eudial
Dislikes: Eudial
First Appearance
Anime: Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear
Anime Voiced By: Mika Kanai (Japanese)
Catherine Disher (CWi English dub)
Kira Buckland (Viz Media English dub)

Mimete is the second member of the Witches 5 to confront the Sailor Guardians.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Mimete's name comes from mimetite, a yellow-orange mineral.

The kanji in Mimete's alias surname translates as "feather" (羽) and either "pure", "raw", or "fresh" (生). Her given name translates to "beauty" (美) with the character after it (々) having no specific pronunciation, and it only indicates that the syllable before it is repeated


Mimete retains the same appearance that she had in the manga. In the anime, instead of wearing the Mugen Academy school uniform in the manga. She is mostly seen wearing a yellow long-sleeved coat and large red rounded glasses. She also wears a red shawl on her head and white gloves.


In the 90's anime, Mimete's personality is expanded on. Here, she has a significant dislike towards Eudial and often sabotages Eudial's efforts and plays mean pranks on her. She also has a notable interest in men, as most of her targets are male.


Her first unshadowed appearance is when she is overheard by Eudial saying that Professor Tomoe might want her to replace Eudial. She is also the one who put snails in Eudial's locker and tacks in her shoes.

On the island where Eudial sought out the Pure Hearts she knew were the ones they were looking for, Mimete put snails in Eudial's car and cut the brakes. When Eudial drove her car away after being defeated, the loss of the brakes caused her to crash over a cliff to her death.

After Uchoten was destroyed, Doctor Tomoe decided to give the next assignment to Tellu. Mimete overheard this and used a voice imitator to change her voice to Tomoe's and tell Tellu that the project was canceled. She then took Tellu's job, sending the Daimon U-Pasokon, but Sailor Moon destroyed her. Mimete then took out Eudial's Witches Electric Warp and entered it to appear on a giant TV screen, increasing her size and power. However, Tellu appeared, having found Mimete out for stealing her job, and explained that Eudial never used her power device because if the plug is pulled while she is inside it, she would be trapped inside forever. Tellu pulled the plug, consigning Mimete to an eternity of imprisonment in cyberspace.






  • Mimete was the 2nd and last member of the Witches 5 to use Daimons to capture Pure Heart Crystals.
  • She mainly targeted men for Pure Heart Crystals.
  • Her Daimons were known for sucking Pure Heart Crystals out of their victims using their mouths.
  • Mimete is named after the yellowish colored mineral, "mimetite".
  • She has a personality calling back that of Usagi at the beginning of the series. As her, Mimete is easily distracted by the charm of beautiful young men and does not take its mission seriously, except when she is directly in danger. Her obsession with Professor Tomoe echoes the attraction of Sailor Moon for Tuxedo Mask in the same period.
  • In episode 114 of the anime, when participating in the idol competition, Mimete uses the alias "Mimi Hanyu", which is the alias she used in the manga. Though it seems that Mimete made up the alias quickly, and it is unknown if Mimete attended Infinity Academy using that alias.
  • Mimete might be a simple reference to mimicry, as in someone who doesn’t have much in the way of her own ideas or someone with an obviously false front. Her color gold represents vain one who wants to be an idol in parallel to Minako.
  • In the CWi dub, she is voiced by Catherine Disher who later becomes the voice actress of Jill Valentine of both Resident Evil: Nemesis and Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. Disher also provided her voicing role of Penelope Lang from Atomic Betty as well as playing Mayor Martha Tinsdale on Good Witch.
  • On the Viz Media dub, she is voiced by Kira Buckland.
  • She was the only member of the Witches 5 to have rivalries with two other members, Eudial and Tellu.
  • She and Cyprine are the only members of the Witches 5 to actually use the Witches 5 staff.

Death Busters

Death Busters

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