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Template:InfoboxCharacterMimete is a member of the Witches 5. This is the first live action depiction of the original manga character.



Mimete's appearance is extremely similar to what she wore in the manga and anime, but she wears a long-sleeved, yellow mesh shirt underneath her top and skirt.


Infinity Academy - Mistress Labyrinth

In the musicals, Mimete's background was similar to that of the manga, in that she was a perfect Daimon created by Professor Tomoe, but she had the same personality as in the anime. She was very excitable and playful, as she was shown to be willing to dance along with Chibiusa and a disguised Damask until she was scolded by Eudial. In a game of "ocharaka kocharaka" (a variation of rock, paper, scissors), she also cheated by holding up both rock and scissors.

Mimete appeared in the musical Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth and its revision, and was played by Shiori Honda and Aki Kudou.




Shiori Honda as Mimete
Aki Kudou as Mimete
Aki Mimi (Galaxia-Gorgeous)
Aki Kudou as Mimi Hanyuu

Death Busters
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