Mimete is one of Witches 5 who works for the Death Busters.


Mimete has short wavy orange hair. She wears a silver tiara with matching earrings. Mimete wears a necklace with a black star. Her dress is black with an orange tutu. She has an orange bracelet on her left wrist. She uses a orange and black staff.


Mimete, along with the other Witches 5, met with Kaolinite when the Magus ordered them to kill the Sailor Guardians so they won't interfere with the Death Busters' plans. She and the other witches looked at the fight as Eudial's Daimon fought the Sailor Guardians.

After Eudial's death, Kaolinite instructed Mimete to collect souls and to kill the Sailor Guardians. Using her celebrity status as Mimi Hanyuu, she held a concert for her fans which Minako, while attending Michiru's concert, snuck in to see. Mimete put her fans in a trance and projected a black star that had begun to take their souls.

Minako transformed into Sailor Venus and destroyed the star with Venus Wink Chain Sword, freeing the souls. Mimete summoned three Daimon Eggs and implanted them into three people, turning them into Daimons. The Sailor Guardians arrived and defeated the Daimons, turning them back into humans but Mimete unleashed a powerful attack from her staff at Chibi Moon.

The attack was countered by Sailor Neptune's Deep Submerge, and Sailor Uranus used World Shaking, destroying Mimete. Mimete is briefly resurrected by Kaorinite, along with the other witches, in Act 34.

After being separated from the other Sailor Guardians, Sailor Venus hears a song, causing her a headache.

She remembers that she has heard the song before. Walking into a room, she is overwhelmed with cheers, and Mimete welcomes her as her "special guest." Venus is given a microphone and is wrapped up in wires. Mimete urges her to sing, reminding her that her dream is to be an idol. This causes Minako to question if she wants to continue being a Sailor Guardian. In the end, the Outer Sailor Guardians were able to break into Mugen Academy with Sailor Uranus' Space Sword Blaster, destroy the Witches 5 for good with Sailor Neptune's Submarine Reflection, and free Sailor Moon and the Inner Sailor Guardians with Sailor Pluto's Chronos Typhoon.


Along with her powers to float in the air, and change outfits, she can put her fans under her thrall and reap their souls. When confronted in a fight, she uses her staff to throw powerful energy projectiles



  • Mimete is the Witches 5 counterpart to Sailor Venus.
  • She is ranked at level 40 witch being the weakest of the Witches 5.

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