Template:InfoboxCharacter Mika Kayama was an young award-winning maker of French dolls, and one of Shingo Tsukino's friends in the anime.


Mika is a student at Juuban Municipal Primary School. She is in Shingo's class and his friend, although he has a crush on her. The 18th episode reveals that she is a famous doll maker like her mother.


Mika is a young girl with brown, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. She wears small bows on the sides of her hair, and she is always seen wearing neat dresses.


Mika first appeared in episode 5 of the anime, where she was one of several who was hypnotized by the Chanelas .


  • Mika was mentioned as one of the things Shingo "likes" in the Materials' Collection.


Mika Koyama Settei
Mika's character sheet
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