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Mii's Mother
Japanese: みいの母
Romanji: Mii no haha
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Mii (Daughter)


Rei Hino



Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Crystal: Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Crystal Voiced By: Yuka Komatsu (Japanese)

Mii's mother is a minor character who only appears in the manga and Crystal. She is an unnamed woman who is the mother of Mii and only appeared in Act 3 of the manga and Act 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal


Mii's mother has short hair, colored brown in the manga, and eyes that were colored green in Crystal.

Manga / Crystal

In Act 3 of both the manga and in Crystal, Mii's mother was shown first at the temple praying for the safe return of her daughter. She later lashed out at Rei for not being of any help to finding the lost children and indirectly blamed her and her grandfather for the disappearances.



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