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Mie Sayama
Japanese: 佐山ミエ
Romanji: Sayama Mie

Shiba Kindergarten student



Gender: Female
Species: Human
Likes: Sailor Moon
First Appearance
Anime: The Targeted Kindergarteners: Venus to the Rescue
Anime Voiced By: Taeko Kawata (Japanese)
Norma Dell'Agnese (DiC English dub)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Viz Media English dub)

Mie Sayama is a character who only appears in Sailor Moon R.



She was a young girl whom Minako befriended after defending her from some bullies on two occasions. Mie was a big fan of Sailor Moon and believed she was real but was ridiculed for this belief. She asked Minako if Sailor Moon was real and Minako replied that the important thing was that Mie believed she was. When Mie asked Minako if she knew Sailor Moon, Minako told her she did.

Minako accompanied Mie to her kindergarten so she could talk to the boys who had been bullying her and the rest of her class. In the meantime, there had been attacks on other kindergarten students by the Cardian Gigaros as they traveled in their school buses, so the other Inner Sailor Senshi sent Usagi to protect the children at Mie's kindergarten. Usagi infiltrated the school bus by using her Disguise Pen to become a kindergarten teacher but found Minako already on the bus.

When Gigaros attacked the bus, Usagi and Minako transformed into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus and with the encouragement of Mie, her classmates, and the Moonlight Knight, they defeated the Cardian with Crescent Beam Shower and Moon Princess Halation. Minako met up with Mie after this battle and Mie told her that she liked Sailor Venus as well as Sailor Moon now and was becoming a Sailor Venus fan



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