Kaioh Michiru/Kaiou Michiru (or Michelle Kaiou in the English anime) better known as Salior Neptune, is one of the Outer Soldiers. Elegant, sophisticated, though sometimes cold and capable of sharp anger, she has been described by Usagi as 'the ideal princess'. She is the Keeper of the Deep Aqua Mirror.

Michiru is formally introduced in the third story arc, although she appears in silhouette alongside Sailor Uranus in episode 89, a "teaser" to Sailor Moon S.

Her name means 'Rising Sea King', and her attacks are based around water.

She is portrayed as a very polite, calm character in the series. She dislikes being patronized, even if not doing so would hurt her feelings, and subsequently will not indulge people. This is alluded to in her backstory, explaining that she was congenial but generally not social. Michiru is also graceful and delicate, with an aura of sophistication. She is clearly intelligent, and this usually manifests itself through art and music. Usagi (to whom this observation is especially relevant) once commented that Michiru was the ideal example of a princess.

Michiru attends Infinity Academy with Haruka (and the younger Hotaru Tomoe) when she is first introduced. In the manga, after Infinity is destroyed, she and Haruka later attend the same high school as Usagi and the other girls. It is never mentioned where they go in the anime. According to the musicals, Michiru had experience studying abroad.

Michiru's closest bond is with Haruka, and Takeuchi has explicitly stated that the two are in a lesbian relationship in both the manga and the anime.

Her relationship with Sailor Uranus

In the anime, Michiru briefly flirts with Kou Seiya, at that time a man, asking him to help her unzip her dress. Her stated intention, earlier in the episode, is to learn Seiya's motives out of fear that he is a threat to the planet.[5] This flirtation does not occur in the manga, where Seiya is always a female and plays a much more minor role. However, in the Infinity arc, Michiru appears as temptation for Mamoru, paralleling Haruka being used as temptation for Usagi. Though she never makes any of the advances on Mamoru that Haruka makes on Usagi, Usagi is jealous of her because she sees them together.

In the orig
inal manga, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were lovers. In the Japanese anime, this was the same. However, in the dub, it was decided to change their relationship to that of cousins, as it was too controversial for a children's show. Some have hypothesised that in the Moon Kingdom, Sailor Uranus was a man ("Prince Uranus"), and was reincarnated as female

(thus making Haruka and Michiru's relationship "really heterosexual"), but this has been refuted by Naoko Takeuchi. Some characterise Haruka as being the dominant personality in the relationship, although it could be argued that Michiru has Haruka wrapped around her finger.

Even though they are lovers, they have agreed that they will sacrifice each other if neccessary for their mission. In the dubbed anime, her relationship with Sailor Uranus was redefined. In episode 95, Michelle (Michiru) and Amara (Haruka) are stated to be cousins by Amy (Ami), who barely knows them, and are referred to as such for the next few episodes. Thereafter, however, much of their flirting inexplicably continues.[6] In one episode, they claim to have known each other all their lives,[7] but a flashback to their first meeting (in the very recent past) is shown shortly thereafter. By the time the "S" series was released in English, many fans were already familiar with the characters and their relationship, so their treatment as family members is mostly ignored.

In episode 92, where the two flirt gently in the original, the dub changes their dialogue to a banter about love at first sight, and inserts the statement that Michelle does not believe in romantic love. In episode 94, Michelle talks about her first kiss with Brad, "the cutest guy in the school," where the original text was about the first kiss ever, between Adam and Eve.[8] She later says, "My sweet Brad... I wonder where he is today," further defining her as heterosexual.[9]

Michiru is deeply artistic and is the Senshi most associated with the arts. Her known skills include the violin, swimming, and painting; of all her skills, her strongest is as a violinist, which is also her greatest dream.[2] She likes all her classes, especially music, and belongs to the Music club at school as well as the Swimming club.[10] In the manga, she collects cosmetics; in the anime, she loves to swim, often using the water as a way to relax.[11] Her favorite food is sashimi, while her least favorite is kikurage mushrooms. She also dislikes sea cucumbers for unclear reasons, and her favorite color is Marine blue.[2]


In the Japanese anime series and movies, Michiru Kaioh is voiced by veteran voice actress Masako Katsuki.[33] In the English-language dub, the voice of "Michelle Kaioh" is provided by Barbara Radecki, who had previously played Usagi's mother and Queen Serenity.

In the stage musicals, Michiru has been played by 8 actresses: Kaoru Sakamoto, Chikage Tomita, Miyuki Fuji, Hiroko Tahara, Sara Shimada, Yuhka Asami, Tomoko Inami, and Takayo Oyama. Asami, the longest-running of these actresses, knew nothing about Sailor Moon when she was given a role in the musical, but came to greatly admire the character of Michiru after reading the manga and watching the anime. Nao Takagi, who played opposite her as Sailor Uranus, has stated that certain scenes were specially created just for the two of them.[34]

Michiru does not appear in the live-action series.

In the Anime

Michiru is an artistic, musical, elegant young woman. She has a very intense relationship with Haruka. When a daimon attacks, Sailor Neptune comes to her and tells her of her past as Princess of Neptune, and mission as Sailor Neptune, to defeat outside invaders in this solar system. Michiru's dream is to be an artist and a violinist.


Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!: Using her Planet Transformation Wand, she transforms into the 1st form of Sailor Neptune.

Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up!: Her Sailor Stars henshin phrase to become Super Sailor Neptune.


Neptune Deep Submerge: A ball of watery energy flies from her hand, hitting the enemy.

Submarine Reflection: Involving her Deep Aqua Mirror. Lights come out of the mirror, striking everything in sight.


Planet Henshin Stick

Communicator Watch

Deep Aqua Mirror: This Talisman has the ability to see through lies, to find enemies' weaknesses, unleash a powerful beam and grant its master special visions should there be impending danger.

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