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"Guarded by Neptune, planet of the deep blue sea. I'm the soldier of affinity, Sailor Neptune!"
— Sailor Neptune's stock introduction

Sailor Neptune (♆) is a Sailor Senshi, and keeper of the Deep Aqua Mirror. Her civilian identity is Michiru Kaiou. Her powers are based on the ocean (although they are usually just mostly mistaken to just be based on water).



Sailor Neptune

She wears teal heels with laces and the required sailor uniform. A white leotard with a teal pleated skirt and sailor collar, white gloves with teal bands that go just past her wrists and two blue bows (one at her chest and the other at the small of her back). There is a circle shaped, teal brooch in the middle of the bow on her chest. She also wears a gold tiara with a teal gem on her forehead. Her costume is the same in both the anime and the manga.

Super Sailor Neptune

After the "Super" upgrade in the anime, her outfit had some changes. Her earrings remained the same. Like the other Senshi, her choker had a five-pointed golden star on it, her collar had one white stripe, her brooch became a heart, she had one translucent shoulder pad, and her back bow was enlarged and lengthened. The anime version was almost completely identical to the manga version, except in the manga, the star on her choker had a sea-green colored gemstone and her gloves were lengthened.

Eternal Sailor Neptune

In the StarS arc of the manga only, Michiru, along with the other Solar System Senshi, gained her last Senshi upgrade into her "Eternal" form. Her choker was V-shaped. Her sleeves/shoulder pads became puffier and larger, and became light green. She had two stripes of darker fabric attached to the bottom. The center of her front bow became a five pointed green star. Her back bow was light green. Her belt consisted of two green ribbons, one sea green and one light green, with two long thin back ribbons, clipped together by a golden star. Her skirt became two layered; the top was a sea green while the other was a light green. Her boots were white with a V-shaped sea green border, had a gold star at the top and reached up to her knees. Her earrings were dangling sea green five pointed stars.

This form only appears in the manga.

Princess Neptune

During the Silver Millennium, Sailor Neptune was a princess of her own planet and given the job of protecting the solar system from outside invasions. She wore a sea coloured  gown and lived in Triton Castle.

Evil Sailor Neptune

After being killed by Sailor Galaxia in Act 49 of the Stars manga, Sailor Neptune is revived. Once revived she wears her Super Sailor outfit with bracelets similar to the ones Galaxia wears. The bracelets are gold with a gem on each bracelet, one purple and one green.


Infinity arc

Dream arc

Stars arc


Transformation Phrases and Items

Weapons and Items



Sailor Neptune's character was not developed until partway through the Sailor Moon series, after the other Guardian Senshi had already been established. When she was created she was made along with Sailor Uranus, the pair was meant to be "complementary but opposite characters", and were meant to work along with Sailor Pluto from the beginning. Sailor Neptune's visual design is made to evoke images of her element, the ocean. The choice of her colours along with the wavy quality of her hair, which Takeuchi even joked, might be thought of as seaweed hair.


  • In Roman mythology, Neptune is the god of the sea.
  • She, along with the other Outer Senshi, possess one of the Talismans needed to summon the Holy Grail and awaken Sailor Saturn .
  • Sailor Neptune is one of the only Senshi (besides Sailor Mars) who possess psychic abilities and the only Outer Senshi to do so.
  • Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are the only members of the Sailor Senshi who's backstory of becoming a Sailor Senshi had never been revealed in the manga.
  • Sailor Neptune is killed and is given bracelets from Galaxia in the manga, but in the anime she voluntary "sells her soul" to Galaxia and is given bracelets.


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