Michiru Kaiou is the civilian identity of Sailor Neptune. This the second animated depiction of the character.


Michiru is a young woman of high intelligence, wit, and beauty. She is the girlfriend of Haruka and spends most of her time with her. She is also a student at Mugen Academy. She enjoys playing on her violin and hopes to become a professional violinist one day. Her other hobby includes painting scenery of the sea and beaches.

Season Three: Death Busters

Michiru is first seen passing Mamoru, who bumps into her and knocks her hand mirror to the ground. She did not take offense, but wondered whether he had been a prince in his previous life, which surprised Mamoru. She explained that her mirror had the ability to reveal one's past life. She soon left with Haruka. Later that night, Usagi heard a violin in the distance and went to investigate, which caused Michiru to cease her melody. She stared at Usagi coldly and warned not to interfere.

A few days later, Michiru had offered two tickets to Mamoru to go and watch her play her violin at a concert. She played beautifully until she had detected evil nearby and left the stage. That night, she and Haruka found Chibiusa alone and offered to take her home in their helicopter. When asked whether she, too, had an amulet, she showed Chibiusa her mirror; stating it was her own special treasure called a talisman.


She seems to possess certain mystical abilities related to the seas and the future; psionic abilities that are somewhat similar to those of Rei. By psionically feeling the roughness of the sea, she can tell whenever there is danger near or see vivid visions of what's to come.

She can also utilize her hand-sized magic mirror to see another's past life, uncover the weaknesses of adversaries or see certain magical beings or reveal hidden locations.

Her powers are much stronger when she is transformed into the Guardian of the Deep Seas.


  • Michiru appears in the ending credits alongside Haruka, holding her Deep Aqua Mirror.


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