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  • Based on your posts on the Season 4 thread, it sounds like you like this show. I imagine both of us are in the minority here, as most people hate it for being fast paced and having distracting animation errors.

    Do you have a favorite season? A favorite Sailor Guardian? Favorite villain? Favorite death scene for a villain? Do you like it more than the original anime, a little less, or about the same? What do you hope to see from the manga in the Season 4 movie IF it comes out?

    My favorite season is Season 2. For Sailor Guardians, Sailor Venus. Favorite villain, either Zoisite (if he counts coz he was brainwashed by Beryl), Demande, or Tellu. Death scene, probably Wiseman for the spectacular light show, or Koan for the outline effect I love so much. I think both Crystal and the original anime each have their own things going for it. And I hope the Season 4 movie keeps the fight with the Amazon Trio, Xenotime, and Zeolite accurate (particularly the endings, and can't wait to see Sailor Moon "Mind Crush" Fish Eye), and definitively kills Nehelenia at the end (which the original anime did not do), and also of course Pegasus to be in it.

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