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Hi, I am a dark kingdom fan. I thank-you for your contribution to the Nephrite article. I prefer to use the non-american spelling for the shitennou as it is in line with the original anime and other websites offering SM info. Given this reason, any changes based on your use of American spelling will be changed back. I hope you understand and not get upset



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Hi! I saw your comment about English names verses Japanese names in the talk section and just wanted to tell you there are seperate pages for the Dub and Sub because the continuities were made different when it was dubbed so seeing it in two different lanuages is actually two seperate stories. They removed many episodes including an entire season and changed more things than most dubs do, including characters personalities, plot and relationships. So unlike DBZ, they are considered seperate anime storylines. The new dub sticks close to it's sub counterparts and uses the original japanese names. If there is anything Sailor Moon related you would like to discuss, hit me up. I love discussing Sailor Moon more than any other anime.Kawaiinekonerx (talk) 02:35, May 30, 2015 (UTC)

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